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Archetypal movement with Ona Tzar

We as humans are no stranger to layers of persona, masks, elements, archetypes ; some we consciously embrace, others we adapt to, others we deny and ignore, and others we seek to embody. In archetypal movement, we explore the terrains of the elements, the archetypes, our emotions, our inward terrains and embellished outward expressions. We learn to embody the confident, embrace and play out our shadows, flow like water, become and enhance our tensions so as to release. This is a cathartic and expressive process of simultaneously deep inward journeying and connecting with our innate forms of expression, and pure play.

Drawing on influences of butoh, theater, psychology, interpretive dance and dance therapy, this workshop is suitable for all genders, ethnicities, ages, non dancers and dancers, actors, self explorers… humans. Come with an open mind, to play, to dive deep; come to explore the terrains of your body, imagination, fears, desires,
Emotions and unique expression.

Duration: ~ 1.5 hours.

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