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Composition of new melodies at Handpan with Quentin Kayser

This workshop will be dedicated to the composition of new melodies at Handpan

Every musician finds himself from time to time facing the lack of inspiration to compose, this workshop will teach you some specific techniques to find this inspiration that tends to hide deep inside of us.

Presentation of some key points of this Workshop:

  • What kind of explorer are you? A philosophy of life that you can put into practice with the Handpan (and any other instrument) 
  • Techniques to detach from redundant rhythms and melodies
  • Detaching ourselves from our greatest influences to help us find our own music
  • How to discover the rhythms and melodies that are hidden in us and use them in his compositions?
  • mistakes while playing are treasures not to be left out, let’s learn to recognize them
  • Melodies and Harmony that stick in your mind/heart 
  • Refine your musical listening skills allows you to refine your musical exploration and to be able to compose beautiful melodies

Facilitator: Quentin Kayser

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