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Marlia’s Vocal Residence

I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think. ~ Rumi

“The Collective Space of a Circle“ :: Rising Voice
A 7-day residence with Marlia Cœur (CY)
3-9 June 2020
The workshop will be held in English.

The Rising Voice residence is an empowering, self-confidence booster, guided journey in a protected and safe space. It is a vocal, breathing, musical experience, created to bring each participant home in their own, individual leader quality,
the unique, once-in-a-universe human signature – and to shine!
We learn to trust our intuition and to connect to our authentic musical source.
*No prior singing experience is necessary
Learn the Marlia way, a more open and spontaneous path to dive deep into a hall of prayer with total strangers – a new family! To open the heart in a very human way and create a space of family, trust and spirituality.


How to work with stage fear,
fear of judgement and criticism.
How to create a loving environment,
for ALL of our human qualities
and to have a home in the mutual space.
Learn basic tools to produce and publish your musical self
and nurture a community of musical hearts.
Basic understanding of how to work with amplification (microphone and speakers) and cabling
During the workshop participants will guide songs
and compare the inner experience with the experience of the group, so that we can start to understand the connection
between our individual and collective experience,
grow together, reflecting to each other with loving eyes.

Details about your Experience:
🏵Includes 5 days of working with music, sound, circle and many more tools; Arriving on 2nd June, starting on Wednesday morning 3rd June and finishing lessons on Monday 8th evening and departing on Tuesday 9th June 2020;
🏵Includes accommodation for 7 nights (sharing rooms of 2 or 3 people); from 2nd until 8th of June 2020;
🏵Includes full breakfast/snack lunch/full dinner (at the local restaurant with vegetarian/vegan options);
🏵Includes a group boat trip to nearby island, Ano Koufonisi;
🏵Includes Marlia’s acoustic concert with handpan, guitar and voice (inviting a special guest, Kabeção, for an improvisation set);
🏵On certain nights we will have different activities, and free jams are welcome to happen everywhere;
🏵Normal bird ticket 625€ – (Register by 9th March 2020 to secure your room, with a deposit of 133€, using Paypal link paypal.me/marliaproject – or bank transfer. You can transfer another 155€ by 9th April and the remaining amount at the residence); Note: In case of quitting or missing the residence, the registration price will not be refunded.
🏵After all the registrations process, a Facebook group will be created with all the participants. (Send me your facebook link account as well).


Early bird ticket 545€ (first 6 applications)
Normal bird ticket 625€
Limited to 14 places!

*Where*: Maragas Camping site, Agia Anna, Naxos island, Greece https://Hangoutnaxos.Com/The-Venue/

*Registration*: Secure your room with a deposit by 9th March 2020. Please include your NAME + WORKSHOP NAME + DATE with PayPal (link paypal.me/marliaproject) or Bank account IBAN number CY82 0050 0597 0005 9710 4239 8201

MORE INFO OR GET IN TOUCH by sending an email:
marliaproject@gmail.com or a message: whatsapp +35799379670