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Marlia’s Vocal Residence

I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think. ~ Rumi

The Rising Voice residence is an empowering Voice Activation journey for you who wish to deepen your connection with your wild and fearless Nature, with yourself, your life, your reality, your relations and your music. It is a vocal, breathing, musical experience.

Our tools for this journey:
Voice Activation . Humming . Yoga . Embodiment . Tantra . Breath Work . Sighing . Ancient Wisdom . Human spirals . Sacred movement . Blindfold rituals . Nature . Massage

“Rising Voice” is a safe container to explore your inner world through the workings of breath and sound, to cultivate the voice, open the primordial sound channel within, to unblock the throat chakra, release and find Peace, Freedom. In this workshop we hum, we tone, we sound, we sigh, we harmonize and we sing, reconnecting to our true inner voice. We practice breathing techniques in order to amplify the natural sounds created in the body and resonate throughout our vessel, strengthening the Trust in You and your self-confidence, undoing limitations & limiting thoughts. We practice techniques to speak and chant with awareness, full presence, ease and trust within a circle, harnessing energy and elevating your energetic vibration.

* No prior singing experience is necessary

This is a vocal workshop for yoga teachers, students, singers, musicians, therapists, shamanic workers, artists, dancers and anyone who wants to activate and open their voice, who enjoys listening to or creating sounds and music. Also excellent for those who do not think of themselves as singers, this workshop will help you in finding your natural and powerful speaking voice.

I will be using English/Greek and the universal language of music during the residence.

Specific details about your Vocal Breathing Journey experience:

  • Includes
    5 days of working with the Voice, the Breath and many more tools;
    Arriving on 2nd June, starting on Wednesday morning 3rd June and finishing Tuesday 9th June 2020;
  • Bed for 7 nights (sharing rooms of 2 or 3 people);
  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner (at the local restaurant with vegetarian/vegan options);
  • Marlia’s acoustic concert with handpan, guitar and voice (inviting a special guest, Kabeção, for an improvisation set);
  • On certain nights we will have different activities, and free jams are welcome to happen everywhere;
  • Residence Price 545€ – (Register by 9th March with deposit of 272€ using Paypal link paypal.me/marliaproject – or bank transfer. The remaining amount at the residence); Note: In case of quitting or missing the residence, the registration price will not be refunded.
  • After all the registrations process, a Facebook group will be created with all the participants. (Send me your facebook link account as well).


When :: 3rd to 9th June 2020
Where :: Maragas camping, Ayia Anna – Naxos, Greece

Investment :: 545€ per person including accommodation, food, transfers from/to port/airport,
6 hrs of classes for 5 days, a boat trip to Ano Koufonisi

Contact :: marliaproject@gmail.com

or whatsapp +35799379670