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Music of the Sun Pantam Workshop

At this workshop we want to focus on music as an expression of the soul.

The main intention is to find a balance between a technical approach
involving skills and the mystical side of sound healing frequencies and
your own individual expression on the instrument.

To me the Pantam is not only an instrument to express deep emotions but
also a tool to tune the body and the voice.
So I want to encourage you
find a comfortable sound in your voice that accomplishes with the tuning
of the Pantam.
Once your Hands have found a basic rhythm that you can
easily follow along we want to shift the awareness to the voice and
explore different tonalities which would fit to the harmonies you can
play on your instrument.
Lately the silence between the notes is to be given more emphasis than
to fill empty spaces with many beats.Depending on the scales of instruments you will bring to the workshop we
also want to focus on playing together and bring the experience into
something essential in music: communication with each other.
Level of Players: Intermediate
Max number of participants: 13
Duration: 3 hours approx.
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