where there is Love .     .        .                                                                                                there is sharing

Native American “Love” Flute Workshop

Tales from the Land of

This peculiar tribe of weird looking ufo people had a strange habit.

They liked to keep their eyes closed and feel, inhale deep while being lost in the realms of the land of the here and now.

A place that no language had ever touched.

In these realms the story goes, there is this tribe that lives and thrives with Sound as their guide…

Last year we offered a 5/hour workshop on the art of creating the Japanese Shakuhachi flute.
An experience that turned out to be a great inspiration to all of us.
There, a good number of people embarked on a journey of self discovery through the element of Wood.
By the end of the workshop, all participants had a piece of reed ready to be blown as they had just started learning techniques on how to regulate their breath and create sound!

This year we plan to introduce a new workshop centered around the art of creating a Native American Flute. This flute that we also like to call “love flute” requires a whole different way to be made and the sounds produced are really soothing.

We believe that knowledge like music is to be shared and that each effort towards that direction is going to make our world a better place.
As for that purpose we would love to encourage more instrument creation related workshops in our program.

Well if you are an artist out there that feels like sharing a craft with the world, we would like to discuss with you the possibility of creating a beautiful workshop and presenting it in the best way possible.

Below you can browse through some photos from last year’s workshop.

More details to be announced soon…

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