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Ritual Trance Dance & Heart Chakra Dance with Poliana

Facilitator ~ Poliana Astarti Dimitropoulou

Ritual Trance Dance

A deep meditative, free flow dance ritual that will be performed blindfolded. Its roots come from shamanic traditions where dancing in darkness was an initiation to the spirit world. Limiting the sense of sight, we activate all the rest of the senses while our intuition and perception are expanding. Getting closer to our inner landscapes reconnects us with our spirit.

With a special breathing excercise we activate our brain and heart. We set our intentions and together with the music we let them guide our movement journey. At the end we lay down in stillness to rest, observe and integrate all the energy created from the dance, while sounds of handpan and flutes will accompany us towards an increased sense of harmony.

Duration ~ 2h


Ηeart Chakra Dance

Heart Chakra Dance is a meditative movement practice with a specific coordinated 5 direction dance in alignment with our breathing. It draws inspiration from the Sufi tradition and the preparation process of whirling. It helps us establish an active connection to our center and the directions both in physical as well as in a spiritual level. At the end we will close with heart centered sounds.

Duration ~1.30h

~ Tales from the Land of


This sound they interpret to motion

as their body shows them the way


A wild dance of the spirit

a voice of joy where all tribes meet


Elders of this tribe know the way this dance goes

as that is what they came here to do


Like all things they go with a flow

from movement to sound & sound to movement

through Love ~

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