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Singing Circle With Marlia

• Prior registration for this workshop is compulsory.
• The workshop group will perform one song with Marlia live during her performance.
• You will need to attend all 4 sessions during HONA.

In this 4-part workshop, the Voice is used as a psychotherapeutic tool to release blockages, to obtain ways of reducing hyperactivity of the brain (space between the thoughts) and to come together with one another.
Everyone innately has the power of Voice; if you don’t believe so then you’ve been conditioned to believe otherwise from an early age. In a safe environment, we all can engage in therapeutic processes through our Voice and reconnect with the music nature that exists within us all, from the moment we are born.
The participants will use their Voice to explore their full potential, express through spontaneous interaction, improvise, experiment and relate with others and themselves. This will encourage them to make use of their creativity in relation to emotions, thoughts and interactions.
This is a group music game inspired by the ancient Indian alchemy of Raga, by African heritage singing, by traditional polyphony Balkan roots and Middle-eastern soul-speaking melodies, where we use the voice as our only instrument.
• Meditative practices: “The Yoga of Sound”, exploring the inner workings of the Voice.
• Conscious breathing techniques: to achieve stability, better focus and greater awareness, reducing tension and hyperactivity of the brain.
• Overtoning: we use the vibrations of our voice’s double notes for relaxation, release and self-improvement in our personal journey
• Interactive music-making
• Singing and sound production
• Self-exploration and reflection through music
• Exploring emotions and expressing them creatively
• Creating opportunities for self-reflection and creation of space between thoughts
• Rejuvenation in shared musical experiences
Key Takeaways:
• To use the voice as a channel of self-expression and emotional release
• To ignite your innate musicality and use these tools therapeutically
• To relate with others musically and explore relationships through creativity

No previous experience is required.

Every morning at 9:30

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