where there is Love .     .        .                                                                                                there is sharing

Amy Naylor


Amy Naylor is a handpan player, songwriter, vocalist, percussionist, taiko artist and music practitioner from England. 

The power of music and its ability to build connection between strangers, communities, nature, and the self is what drives Amy to travel and share her unique approach to creating sound. Knowing just how transformative and empowering the simple act of playing music together can be, Amy crafts her performances and workshops to create a space where this connection can blossom. She has a diverse repertoire of modern mantras, poignant but often playful songs, and uplifting melodies that is constantly evolving as she shifts from place to place.

She first learned to sing and drum as a child around festival campfires and as she grew to find her own voice, she quickly fell in love with the handpan at age 18, discovering it to be the perfect instrument for her vision. She is a certified music educator through Trinity College London, her background is in therapeutic music, working with children with special educational needs and in financially deprived areas, but now she travels wherever the music will take her, forever a student of the earth.

Wherever she goes, Amy hopes to discover, share, and connect.