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Archer & Tripp


Together, Archer & Tripp have over 20 years experience of playing handpan.
Samantha’s classical training during her child and teenage years in piano, clarinet and vocals allowed her distinctive and instinctive sense for melody to flower into a skill for both improvisation and composition.
Jaron’s development as a musician is driven by the grounding power of rhythm. When starting to play the Hang in early 2006, the freedom of no tradition matched perfectly with his approach to music.

Since studying complex rhythmical structures in a meditative way, whilst becoming a Taketina teacher (from 2010 – 2012), Jaron’s deep understanding of rhythm and pulse uniquely blends with Samantha’s enchanting melodic tone.In our 2 hour workshop, we will explore the following themes together:

– Get to know your scale using your voice
– How to expand the ‘limitation’ of your instrument

– exploring the full melodic range of the handpan
– an introduction to polyrhythm, what this means and how to be independent
– deepen your inner sense of pulse

– learning simple rhythmic syllables
– understanding how to build and create your own rhythmsHOW TO PLAY TOGETHER

– how to create your ‘own voice’ when playing with others
– how to add and create something new rather than matching the same rhythm & chords
– listening and exchanging