where there is Love .     .        .                                                                                                there is sharing

Christian Amín Vàrkonyi

Christian Amín Vàrkonyi is an Austrian Pantam player, composer, vocalist, percussionist, musician & sound healer with Hungarian roots, born in 1985 in Vienna.

“Through music we experience a deeper connection directly.

There might be a difference between two people’s nationalities, music creates a bridge between cultures and speaks a language where no words are needed to understand.

It is a bringer of peace and bears the power of transformation in itself. Music & Sound is the carrier of information through which we can access what is hidden in the depth of being, a natural mystic vibration in the air. My goal is to remember love, share happiness and create a better place for us and for our children! ”

Christian performing live at Hona 2018


      heartbeat* music of the sun is to share and inspire, to collaborate with artists and musicians and people sharing a vision of kindness. Coming together and sharing this gift of existence in simple friendship. Music and Art brings joy & love into this life for us as human beings. This is my reason to keep walking the way of the heart, the heart is the way. Gratitude to all that is.