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Christina Klissiouni

Christina is passionate about teaching, performing, and creating performance work based on Somatics/CI, awareness through movement, improvisation. She integrates her life-long research on movement as a contemporary dancer/performer with the means she has acquired from being a psychoanalyst and in particular, movement/body psychotherapist.

She focuses on mindfulness and embodiment, on being present, combining dance and therapy with a 30 -year long experience on an international level. Parallel to her work as a dance teacher and  movement researcher, she is also working as Body Psychotherapist/Gestalt therapist and Shiatsu practitioner(since 1994). She trained at EINA center in Athens(1997-2003) with 2 master course diplomas and one training course as a supervisor from Genovino Ferri; she is a member of EABP.

Since 1991 she is one of the pioneer CI teachers in Greece training regularly dancers as well as amateurs with strong curiosity in movement-somatic work and improvisation aiming towards a soft and strong, integrated body where mindfulness and sensibility open up possibilities for dynamic expression and communication. In 2009 she opened her own studio in the center of Athens, Present Body, Center of movement & performance research where she teaches, organizes CI events and invites other teachers also. During her studies in NYC (1986-90) as a contemporary dancer and improviser, in 1987 she discovered CI studying initially with the first generation of teachers. Since then, she has been travelling regularly in various cities of Europe, Asia and the U.S. teaching and dancing at numerous international venues, at least 13 ECITE events. She has taught intensive workshops at the most prominent CI festivals, such as Freiburg festival (2001, 2014), Israeli festival (2013), Italy CO festival(2016), Grenoble festival(2015), Paris CI gathering (2016), teaching intensive in Paris at Canal dance in 2017, in Nantes teaching twice in 2014 &2017, Budapest festival(2008) and many other venues in places such as Tanzfabrik in Berlin(2001), Nuremberg, Tubingen etc.

She has co-taught 10day intensives and collaborated with Nita Little, Ray Chung, Mary Prestidge, Nien Mari Chatz, Ka Rustler, Melissa Matson, Catherine Hossenlopp, the Indonesian master teacher Suprapto Suryodarmo and many others.  As a choreographer she has presented her work at numerous festivals in Greece as well as other places such as NYC, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Oslo, Budapest, Israel, Istanbul, Amsterdam, St.Petersburg and elsewhere.

Her artistic work is influenced aesthetically and philosophically by  CI, Butoh, Post-Modern Dance, martial arts, and  her exposure to other forms of artistic expression. In the past 23 years, Christina is also working as a body psychotherapist and as a shiatsu practitioner since 1994; the meaning of “contact”, being present as a whole person, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually has been a life pathway that connects all the three facets of her work and research.