Davide Friello & Tom Scharre

A Sound Journey of rare beauty and suggestion led mainly by Davide Friello with his Handpans but also the percussion … and then the Harmonium and the mantra chants of Tom Scharre.

Davide Friello, in addition to the activity of Concerts in Theater and Festivals all over the world, loves to play in intimate and collected situations, especially in nature.

His music is often chosen for soundtracks in cinema and theater. He has also collaborated with Sony Music and the WWF and with many music therapy centers.

With the Handpan community, he played and led workshops and masterclasses at the Hawaii Handpan gathering, Handpan festival in France, Handpan house Germany, HangOut UK, Handpan house Milan, Livingroom sESSion in Switzerland and Handpan Academy in Belgium.

He had a handpan construction experience in the laboratory of Meraki Instruments, one of the best craftsmen in the world.

At the Hona Festival 2023 we will be deeply listening to the ancestral rhythms and sweet melodies of his compositions and the meeting with the Belgian multi-instrumentalist Tom Scharre.

A sound journey … a music dialogue…an immersion ..



Davide Friello


Tom Scharre