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Pam Gogh Marinelli

My name is Pamela, alias Pam Gogh. I’m a painter, photographer, traveler and writer.
My mother said that i’m born with brushes in my hands!
I’m painting for all of my life and never stop to study, graphic design in high school in Pisa and degree in Fine Art in Florence, also a lot of private courses in trompe l’oeil, painting, artistic anatomy, etc.
I’m a professional painter from 20 years and I had a lot of collaborations in different ways: interior design, wall painting, cases for musical instruments, teaching pictorial techniques and more.
The things that I love about my art is to “customize”, create something unique for the people that ask me a commission.
This is the things that I’m doing for the big companies such as Hardcase Technologies and Kingo: customizing cases for musical instruments and butsudan.
I love to travel around the world and painting hotel and houses, doing volunteer project with children and poor people and make photos. I also had a collaboration in 2005 with the photojournalistic agency Grazia Neri, with some my reportages.
I love to study history of art, because i believe that every painter must know his origin for create something new!