where there is Love .     .        .                                                                                                there is sharing

Poliana Dimitropoulou (RHEA Temple)

Poliana Dimitropoulou comes from Greece. She graduated Fine Arts & Design, various healing modalities and workshop facilitation. The last 13 years her work is focused on holistic healing, native traditions and arts therapy. As a world traveler she has studied and practiced different methods of modern and ancient healing practices from Greece, India, Mexico and United states. She works with Breathwork, Conscious hypnosis, Ritual drum journeys, Singing circles, Ritual trance dance, Sound healing, Sacred dances , Medicine wheel, Reiki, Pranic healing, Meditation and more. She has been living with indigenous tribes since 2012, supporting their communities and studying with them. With her elders permission and blessing, she guides ceremonies from the Mayan, Aztec and Dinee traditions. She also trains and facilitates women circles focused on healing womb memory and trauma, self care and empowerment. With other therapists she co-created the non profit organization ALBA – The Alchemy of Life and she is the creator also of  RHEA Temple – Ritual Healing Arts community, which is an umbrella for other healers/artists to share their work but also for her personal work – a harmonious combination of all the above for a mind, body and soul experience which awakens awareness and reconnection to the source. Her work is shared with individuals or in holistic retreats, workshops in healing centers, wellbeing festivals, schools, vulnerable groups and medical clinics, while supporting the world native tribes and ancient wisdom traditions.