where there is Love .     .        .                                                                                                there is sharing

Quentin Kayser


An avid traveler and multi-instrumentalist, Quentin Kayser has developed his passion for music from a very young age. Self-taught, he began to compose instinctively by exploring the sounds and the different harmonies that offered him the instruments that passed in his hands. After 25 years of deep explorations on piano, guitar, percussion, bansuri flute and vocals, Quentin played Handpan for the first time in 2011. During one of his trips, he got the chance to meet a talented percussionist who allowed him to try his own handpans for few hours. This day was the first day of his new musical, rhythmic and harmonic creativity. After 6 years of exploration with this magical instrument, Quentin decides to share his music publicly, touching the hearts and souls of those who listen to him.

The music that comes out of his handpans becomes his art and passion.

In October 2017 he released HEXAGON, a self-produced first album of 9 tracks, then in March 2019 his second album entitled HEALING