where there is Love .     .        .                                                                                                there is sharing



Résonance began with the love story between Laura and David who share a deep musical and personal connection that evolved after several years of friendship.In osmosis, their voices harmonize, weaving through the resonant sounds of the Celtic harp and the handpan.
Their creations are composed of drifting yet groovy melodies transcended by the suave rhythm of the calabash gourd, electronic sounds, as well as other original instruments.
Guided by their admiration for world music, they compose in numerous languages exploring different styles, harmonies, and rhythms.
Sensitive to the impact of the vibration between living beings, their tuning fork is tuned to an A at 432 Hz, (the same frequency of water and the earth)
This duo entices you to journey through a joyful, deep, electro-acoustic, and résonante palette of music!

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