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Zhenya Topov

Zhenya Topov is a Handpan musician and world music percussionist, composer for dance and theatre and physical theatre practitioner and pedagogue. A graduate of American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NY); Sonic Arts Program of Victoria University (Wellington, NZ) and Helikos- International School for Theatre Creation (Florence, Italy).
Zhenya combines his passions of music and theatre in his compositions, creating dramatic structures and improvising within them. He evokes spiraling cycles with subtle variations on the theme, creating evocative spaces for the listener to journey through.
Zhenya has been blessed to have his technique enriched in the workshops with David Kukherman and Kabecao Rodrigez both of whose music and musicianship have been an influence. Other artists that have inspired, are syncopation madman Nils Frahm, Kung Fu continuous music pianist – Lyubomir Melnik, the original minimalist Steve Reich and Detroit Techno pioneer Derrick May.
Zhenya regularly collaborates with storytellers, poets, contemporary dancers, singers and electronic music producers.

Handpan compositions: www.zhenyatopov.bandcamp.com