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The act of Seeing through touch, an exploration of CI principles with Christina Klissiouni

We focus on sensorial movement based on Contact Improvisation principles. Dancing in contact with our body-mind nature and with each other, we touch inner and outer space with active attention. Awakening all our senses we bring mindfulness, presence, rhythm and authentic expression to our dancing dialogues. During this time the main intention is to experience the ever-changing environment exploring qualities of touch connecting with the 4 elements such as water, air, earth, fire. We dance in relation to ourselves, in duets, in small groups to develop flow in spontaneous compositions in the moment. Interrelations create possibilities to self-mirroring, self-expression and joy.
Our work overall supports physical expression and communication based on self-awareness. We practice movement in order to re-member, to discern what is natural and what is essential. We bring understanding to our changing form that transforms through our physical stories when we make sense of what is revealed. Improvising we study how to embody the pulsations of life force.

Duration 2 hours

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