Imagine a place where the colour blue is everywhere and meets with the yellow of the sun, in a dancelike manner.

Imagine green and a gentle wind caressing your aura.

Now imagine this place where a peculiar tribe of people with fast fingers and weird looking ufo-like instruments gather, to share their latest inspirations and connect through steel.

That place is called heart

——–        M A R A G A S         C A M P I N G        ——–

Maragas Beach is a famous complex that consists of a camping in Naxos but also rooms, studios and apartments, so as to satisfy every need and taste.

The complex is located in-between Agia Anna and Plaka beach. Together with Agios Prokopios beach they form the longest and most beautiful beach of the Cyclades.

The green scenery of Maragas in combination with the golden beach and the blue sea casts a spell on every visitor.




The Cafe


——–        M A R A G A S         C A M P I N G        ——–


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