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Theatre Clown Workshop – “Save your life!” with Nadia

The clown “saves her life” when she makes us laugh. She is innocent like a child, always in the mood to play, always ready for the party! She accepts and attracts failure and problems; these are her tools for making people laugh and always carries them in her suitcase. The clown loves truly, without discriminations and borders.
In this workshop we will have a lot of fun, play and laugh with our hearts! We will start with group games and exercises to relax, concentrate and trust in order to create a safe environment that will help us feel comfortable to expose our spontaneous, truthful and crazy inner self.
Then, by wearing a red nose, we will come in touch with the world of clown, her “logic” and her heart. We will improvise and explore our imagination, our special spirit and unique way to make people laugh through movement and sound.
Finding our clown has a lot to offer to all kinds of performers. Clown can also give us another perspective in life. She is a great philosopher, reminding us to live in the present moment, to be in good contact with ourselves, connect to others and be generous. She is making space for us to explore who we truly are and invites us to celebrate life. A beautiful journey to the joy, the light and the freedom of our authentic clown hearts!

Guide to the world of clown: Nadia Kavoulakou
Duration: 3 hours

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