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About HONA

A gathering where time stops. When unity is the only reality. Unity expressed as love. Love as sound.

On the beautiful island of Naxos, deep in nature’s pure landscape, where the sun sets golden and the sea meets the sky.
In the heart of the Cyclades, where the seat of Poseidon once was, we are willing to offer and receive our blessings in sound.
Blue skies, crystal clear water, a wide variety of musically oriented workshops, Mediterranean cuisine and the ethereal sound of handpan surrounding all these.

HONA By Night 2019


“~ Some possible workshops for 2022 ( more to follow). ~

Yoga on the beach with Lorien

Every day Lorien, our experienced local yoga instructor, will guide you through a one‐hour session on our beautiful beach.

Konnakol -universal rhythm language workshop with Kyriakos Papakyriakou

Konnakol has established itself as a universal rhythm language. It enhances our feel for time, pulse and groove and enables us to vocalise and memorise rhythmic phrases of high complexity. Musicians and dancers all over the world use konnakol to share musical ideas. The Multi-instrumentalist, dancer and over the last years pantam maker Kyriakos Papakyriakou

Handpan workshop with Benny Bettane

Handpan Workshop for beginners to early intermediate This workshop with Benny Bettane is dedicated to learning how to incorporate grooves, chords, melodies, etc. in Benny style. We will spend time working on how to create chord progressions and melody to suit in amongst your groove.

Handpan rim cover making with Yiolanda

In this workshop, you will learn how to weave your own handpan rim cover out of natural yarns to adorn your instrument. Yiolanda will guide you and show you how to create your rim cover, which, of course, you get to keep when it’s finished.

The act of Seeing through touch, an exploration of CI principles with Christina Klissiouni

We focus on sensorial movement based on Contact Improvisation principles. Dancing in contact with our body-mind nature and with each other, we touch inner and outer space with active attention. Awakening all our senses we bring mindfulness, presence, rhythm and authentic expression to our dancing dialogues. During this time the main intention is to experience

Breath, Sensing, Moving in Connections with Christina Klissiouni

We practice contemplative movement focusing on the experience of seeing with attentive mind. We use contemplative movement to experience active relaxation through movement and stillness with ease and presence. We will focus on the act of seeing with our eyes, with our skin, resonating to the impulses we receive. Our work overall supports physical expression

Breathing Workshop with Jean-Francois Dorsimont

“Let‘s explore ourselves through Wim Hof breathing practice. We will experience how to dive deep into our body and mind, boost our physiology, be aware of our resistances and melt them with presence and intentions.

Handpan Workshop with Archer & Tripp

About: Together, Archer & Tripp have over 20 years experience of playing handpan. Samantha’s classical training during her child and teenage years in piano, clarinet and vocals allowed her distinctive and instinctive sense for melody to flower into a skill for both improvisation and composition. Jaron’s development as a musician is driven by the grounding

Handpan for Beginners with Alexandre Lora

With his wealth of experience and warm personality, Alexandre will guide beginners in the discovery of their inner rhythm and to gain confidence on their handpans. Facilitator: Alexandre Lora

Composition of new melodies at Handpan with Quentin Kayser

This workshop will be dedicated to the composition of new melodies at Handpan Every musician finds himself from time to time facing the lack of inspiration to compose, this workshop will teach you some specific techniques to find this inspiration that tends to hide deep inside of us. Presentation of some key points of this

Creation and Connection with Amy Naylor

In this workshop, we will create music and sound together. No matter which handpan scales we have, no matter how diverse our playing ability, and no matter how well we know each other. We will go right back to the beginning to explore different ways of engaging our bodies and voices so that we may

Sound-Scaping with Marlia

Life and sound is interwoven.  My passion is to assist you to find your own personal way of integrating the relationship to the sound of your voice into your daily life and into your handpan compositions.  I am a soundscaper.  I walk in nature and listen carefully, often recording sounds, and then adding them to

Qigong. The art of movement with Alexandros Elion

Facilitator ~ Alexandros Elion There are four types of motion that correspond to the elements. Water is slow and relaxed,  Earth slow and dynamic, Fire explosive and Air fast with fluctuations. Our body blooms and exercises evenly. Duration ~1h * * Personal healing sessions can be arranged at the venue for an additional fee.  


~Tickets for HONA 2022 will be available from Jan 29th ~

HONA Accommodation Upgrade (Optional, a BASIC Ticket is still needed !)

The ACCOMMODATION UPGRADE is ONLY needed for accommodation other than the basic camping included in Adult & Child tickets !

The Accommodation Upgrade is meant per PERSON also for the shared accomodation options !


Venue tent (+10 Euro)

Shared bed tent (+35 Euro )

Single bed tent (+65 Euro)

Single room (+165 Euro )

Double room (+95 Euro )

Studio for 2 (+115 Euro )

Studio for 3 (+85 Euro )

Studio for 4 (+70 Euro )

Luxury apartment (for a group of 4-5 friends/family sharing) (+130 Euro )

Superior studio for 2 (+165)

Superior studio for 3 (+135)

HONA Ticket Child (Basic Accommodation)


Breakfast & Dinner

Includes Camping Accommodation (bring your own tent or caravan)

3 live performance nights

An activity programme

HONA Ticket Adult (Basic Accommodation)


Breakfast & Dinner

Includes Camping Accommodation (bring your own tent or caravan)

3 live performance nights

An activity programme