How can I get to Naxos ?

Naxos does not have an international airport. This is one of the main reasons why the island is still relatively unspoilt and retains its Greek charm.

There are several options.

The first thing to do is to search for flights from your city to these 3 Greek airports to be able to compare price/ speed/ convenience : Athens, Mykonos, Santorini.

1/ via Athens.

If you land by 15.00 at the latest , you can take the ferry from Piraeus. Buses leave from the terminal and are direct, terminating just by the Naxos ferry  (approximately 60-75 mins ). Blue Star Ferries leave Piraeus daily at 17.30, arriving 22.45. ( and at 07.25 , arriving 12.50 )
( ****return flight home after 18.00 , unless you would like to explore Athens****)

2/ via Athens.

Check domestic flight connections to Naxos on Aegean Air, and Sky Express.

3/ via Mykonos.

If you land by 10.30 , you can catch the super fast ferry at 12.30 ( €19.50 ) or by 12.00 , you can catch the 13.35 Champion jet ( always late , €33)

on Friday 24/05 , there is also an evening connection via Paros ( 18.50 golden Star super runner ) *** to be confirmed closer to the time ***

4/ via Santorini.

If you land by 13.00, you can take a taxi to the port to catch the ferry to Naxos around 15.30 daily, arriving around 17.45. Alternatively, you may want to stay a while and explore the beauty of this unique Greek island .

How do I get to the venue ?

Let us know of your ETA (estimated time of arrival) at either the port or airport of Naxos and you will be picked up and taken to the venue ( 10 minutes ).

What is the accommodation like ?

Rooms are lovely. Bed linen and towels are included and all have a private bathroom.

Some rooms are bigger, and can accommodate families with 1 or 2 children and have a small kitchenette.

All rooms have air conditioning and a TV.

Bed tents are basic. Either with 2 (3) singles or a double bed (+1).

They are lockable, include bedding and have electricity. Basically , a little more comfort than camping !


We offer the use of 60 of our spacious 2 man tents. Or you may bring your own. The camping area has an electric supply. ( We are hoping to be able to provide some mattresses but this is to be confirmed ).

Both campers and those in bed tents have the use of modern communal bathroom facilities.

What about kids ?

They are more than welcome !!!

The area is safe, and there’s even a small playground on the campsite. I’m sure that if there are several families with young children that activities can be arranged. And, of course, the sandy beach will be a great attraction.
And.. we will announce special workshops for kids (parallel to adults workshops) soon ;).

There are 2 cots available for babies, at no extra charge .

As for the tickets you may read the options we offer below:

  • Children aged 3 and under are free as long as they sleep with parents or in a cot ( extra bed and meals are not included ).
    *Please add them to your booking information*
  • Children aged 4-10 get €80 off the usual ticket category.
    *Please contact us to arrange this*
  • Children aged 11+ get a full ticket.

What do I need to bring ?

Campers :
Sleeping bag

Everyone :
One sweater ( in case it’s cool in the evenings ).
Swimming stuff.
Plenty of fun and laughter.

What else can I see/ do on the island ?

There’s plenty !
Diving, wind surfing, kite surfing.
Rambling/ nature walks.
Visit archaeological monuments ; ancient temples, Byzantine churches, Venetian forts etc
Explore traditional villages.
Shopping and nightlife.
Just relax and soak up the vibes.